Tola Makinde

creative designer

My jewelry was rooted from my background. I am from Nigeria where we wear colorful jewelries. I was having a hard time finding jewelries to wear to events so I decided making it myself. In the process I fell in love with the process of designing something from the scratch up and hence Tcreativ Designs was birth.


My jewelry are a mix of colorful and conservative pieces. I am looking to get in to some bold pieces in the near future. I am very into making something unique that you wouldn’t necessarily find at a store. I make all my pieces here in the US. All my pieces can be found on my Instagram and Facebook page. I am revamping my website currently to make it more intuitive and using an effective platform. It’s been more than 10 years since I started making jewelry.

I have recently added Floral Preservation to my work.  I grew up on a farm and planting and greenery has always been a place I’m at peace.  Flowers has always been evident in a lot of things I do.  My daughter got married this year and I decided to help her with preserving her bouquet and floral ensemble.  While doing this I found myself engulfed in it and decided why not.  I love working with people and seeing their amazement when they see what is created brings me a sense of satisfaction that I have made that person’s day. Follow me on this journey.  It will be fun.