The Process

Preservation and lasting memory for years to come

Step 1:

Book your date

As soon as you have your date for your event, go ahead and secure your flower preservation with us! Reserve your date below.  Once we receive your form you will receive a confirmation email with a proposal with your requested collection and contract that will have instructions on how to make the 50% deposit and secure your date.  

Reserve your date

Step 2:

the preservation

You will have 5 days to sign your contract.  Once that has been signed, we will work together on the best way to get your flowers to me.

Once I receive your blooms, the preservation process begins! I carefully disassemble your arrangement and meticulously press the most beautiful of each type of flower and  greenery. This process can take up to 3 hours.  Depending on the type of bloom, different pressing techniques are used to ensure they come out of the press beautifully every time. Your flowers must be kept in the press for at least 4 weeks to fully dry. 

Step 3:

arrangement and display

After 4 weeks in the press it is time for your flowers to be unloaded and prepped for display.

I will organize your pieces by bloom and foliage type then begin work on your arrangement. Depending on what type and size of displays you choose, I will select the appropriate amount of items for each piece. Some blooms will be reconstructed after pressing which helps create the most beautiful preserved flowers possible. I will use my design intuition to layout the most esthetic arrangement to create your beautiful pieces. Trust your artist on this process, rest assured you will be glad you did! Once satisfied with the layout I will either secure your arrangement for framing or start the resin process. This arrangement process can take up to 4 hours to complete. Resin pieces will then take at least one week to complete the layers and curing process. You will receive photos of your completed displays once they are ready!

Step 4:

Receive your finished product

After the entire process of around 10-12 weeks, you will receive an email with professional photos of your final pieces. You will receive instructions on local pick-up at your convenience or shipping details so that your items will be carefully packaged and shipped. Shipping Fee will be provided if been shipped.  Your order will be shipped after payment.

Your beautiful and cherished forever displays will be well worth the wait! 

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Other Celebrations

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