Q: How soon do I need to book my date? Can you take my last-minute booking?

As soon as you have your date set for your wedding or event go ahead and secure your date with us to preserve your flowers! We can take a limited amount of orders per weekend and fill up quickly.  We are often asked if we can preserve flowers a few days before a wedding/event or even a couple of days after. If our schedule allows us to move things around, we may be able to help out! This is not a guarantee but don’t hesitate to reach out.  If you book after your event, pictures of the flowers will be needed to ensure they are still in the best condition possible. We will not be able to accept bouquets that have not been in water causing severe wilt/browning or are more than four days old after the event. We can only preserve what is in tact.  Please note that we will do our best to accommodate last minute bookings. We hope we can accomodate you!

Q: When and where do I drop off my bouquet? 

We are located in Pingree Grove, Illinois for local drop-offs on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday following a Friday or Saturday wedding. For other events that may not fall on the weekend, contact us to determine what drop-off day would be best.   Please to make arrangements before your wedding with a friend or family member who is going to be in charge of dropping off your bouquet for you. We want you enjoying your wedding and not worry about tending to your flowers! Once you are booked I will give you contact information to give your drop-off person to make arrangements.  ***Please keep your flowers in a vase with water covering the bottom few inches of the stems and refrigerated so they are in the best condition possible before they reach us. 

Q: I am out of state, can I mail my flowers? 

Yes! If you are not local to Illinois you can overnight your flowers to us. Zip Code 60140.  Weekend weddings must be mailed out Monday morning for overnight or (during the winter) 2-day shipping.  UPS and FedEx are the best for this service. Your precious and fragile flowers will quickly fade and need to arrive to us asap. We are not responsible for the condition your flowers arrive to us in and will document their condition upon arrival.  Please check out your local shipping options and pricing before confirming your booking.  Once you are booked we will send you information on how to best pack and ship your fresh flowers.  Return shipping of your final product will be an additional charge on your invoice. 

Q: How do I secure my date? 

When you are ready to book your date visit the “reserve your date” page and follow the link for your respective occasion. This link will take you to the online booking form that shows pricing and pictures of the products we offer. Fill out the form with your information, select the products you want, include any requests and submit.  Once we receive your form you will receive a confirmation email letting you know if your date is available followed by an invoice via Paypal that details your order for your review.  You will secure your date by paying the 50% deposit via Paypal.  

Q: Can I change my order once I have paid the deposit? 

You can add-to or upgrade the size of your order up until the day you drop off your flowers. This allows us to know how many flowers we need to press.  If you are adding additional items and you have a large main display, please bring some extra flowers such as a centerpiece or bridesmaids bouquet.  Because the amount of time spent pressing a bouquet is determined by the size of the piece ordered, we do not allow downgrading once the bouquet has already been pressed.

Q: When will my order be ready?  

The total process of pressing/preserving, arranging, framing or sealing in resin can take between 3-5 months. This allows for the appropriate amount of time for the flowers to completely dry and be ready to use. The arrangement of your display can take over a week alone. We appreciate your patience while we take great care to preserve and arrange your special flowers.

Q: When do I pay the other 50% of my order? 

Your final payment is due 2 weeks after your event. If you would like to pay the full amount you are welcome to do so. Your full payment is required before receiving your completed order. 

Q: Can I add anything to my piece? 

Yes! We are able to include special items such as your invitation, ribbon(s), vows, photograph, charms, or memorial service card. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any special requests. 

Q: Can you press any flower?

Some flowers press better than others. This is natural. We have learned from experience how to treat and press each type of flower and foliage to help them turn out as beautiful as possible. We will take some flowers apart and press individual petals to reconstruct once fully dried. We make sure to press multiples of each flower in different ways to ensure there are optimal options for your display no matter what. 

Q: Do you color enhance the flowers? 

We do not color enhance the flowers as a general practice. Occasionally we will have to add color to peonies specifically because pink ones usually press white. 

As natural objects, flowers will change color when pressed and antique over time once framed. Most flowers tend to dry with a darker hue. For example, red roses turn burgundy, white flowers turn ivory, hot-pink flowers turn purple, green foliage can turn brown or be spotty. So keep in mind that your piece was once real, living flowers. Expect your flowers to change colors and remember, this is natural.

Q: Will the resin products keep the color longer? 

Resin pieces will hold the color of the pressed flowers and foliage for much longer than framed. We use state-of-the-art casting resins that have UV inhibitors in them that will protect the materials inside. This will significantly delay the change in color, however, all epoxy will eventually yellow to some degree and a slight amber-look can be expected. We recommend to not display them on direct sunlight.

Q: I have my wedding bouquet air-dried from years ago. Is there anything you can do with it? 

Yes! We have used air-dried bouquets from years past to create shadowbox arrangements. These flowers can not be pressed as they are very brittle. We will spray seal them which helps with shatter resistance and re-arrange the flowers into an attractive arrangement inside a shadowbox color of your choice. We require photographs of the current status of the flowers before accepting them to make sure they are usable for this purpose. 

Q: What if I need to cancel my booking once my deposit is made? 

Your deposit is refundable up to 30 days (one month) before your scheduled date. This allows us to re-book your date and give you some grace. After 30 days before your date, your refund is non-refundable. However, if you need to reschedule or postpone your date due to unforeseen circumstance, we will honor your deposit and reschedule your date based on availability.